Lakeshore Technical College

Broadcast Captioning & Court Reporting Equipment Rental/Technology Services Confirmation

The Lakeshore Technical College (LTC) equipment rental program for Court Reporting and Broadcast Captioning students helps ensure quality instruction and technical support through the use of uniform equipment and software. All students are required to rent their stenograph machine and laptop computer through LTC’s rental program. Please read the following information, sign, and submit.

Benefits of leasing the stenograph machine and laptop computer:
  • Students do not incur the full cost of purchasing a laptop computer and stenograph machine at the start of his/her program.
  • Students may elect to terminate the rental agreement at any time without penalties by returning all equipment (laptop, steno machine, chords, cases, etc.).
  • All students are required to rent a laptop computer (with case) and stenograph machine (with case) to use while enrolled in classes at LTC.
  • Loaner equipment is provided to the student while the student’s laptop computer and/or stenograph machine is in for repairs.
Technology Services:
  • All laptop computers are pre-loaded with all software including the student version of Eclipse, Antivirus software, and Microsoft Office. 
  • Technical support is provided for hardware and software problems for the length of the lease agreement.
  • All fees for the online technology, Realtime Coach, are included.
Payment Options and Lease Agreement:
  • A formal rental agreement will be completed for the stenograph machine, laptop computer, and online technology during the Realtime Reporting Orientation class in August. 
  • Rental fees are approximately $126 per month. 
  • Rental fees will be billed to the student’s LTC account each semester. 
    • Students that have applied for and completed his/her financial aid at LTC will be allowed to use his/her financial aid to pay for the rental fees providing the student has enough aid to cover tuition and other fees.
    • Students may use the remaining installments of LTC’s Payment Plan to pay the rental fees.
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